Hi there! My name is Claire, and I started this blog as a space to write more personally about my cross stitch projects. I learned to cross stitch as a kid from my mom but only recently picked it back up again after a long absence. This blog is called The Stitching Moon because so far I do all of my cross stitch at night after my daughter is in bed. The moon is also a symbol of contemplation for me, and I often find myself ruminating on many things while I’m stitching. My vision for this blog is to share my thoughts about the craft of cross stitch alongside personal reflection.

By day I’m a librarian, and I love spending time with my family and cats, baking, reading, making jewelry, and singing. I also write about The Golden Girls over at my other blog, The Golden Girls Fashion Corner. You can find me on Twitter @clairebearian and Instagram for cross stitch progress updates and other randomness.