Baby Yoda

Yoda has always been one of my favorite Star Wars characters, but Baby Yoda (yes, real name “The Child,” but come on) will always have a special place in my heart. When The Mandalorian debuted on Disney+ in November of last year, our daughter was just over 2 months old. I remember holding her while we watched the first few episodes, trying to coax her to sleep in the dim light of the room next to our living room where I could still see the TV. She wasn’t distracted by things yet so this was possible, you see. Like just about everybody else I also fell instantly in love with Baby Yoda. How could you not?

So when the pattern popped up in the cross stitch group I had just joined on Facebook I pretty much dropped everything with my current project to stitch Baby Yoda.

Made By Caitlin

The pattern is from Made by Caitlin and comes in two variations: holding the mug as above or just wearing the robe. Both are cute, but I love the little mug. You can get the pattern for free on her website or buy a high-definition version from her Etsy shop. I decided to go ahead and buy it to support her work. She also has a super cute Porg cross stitch pattern!

Love those Baby Yoda memes!

I chose to stitch my Baby Yoda on fiddler’s cloth because I liked the tan color and vintage feel. It’s a little softer than regular aida fabric due to the polyester content, but I still found it easy to stitch on. There was some extra space around the completed design in my hoop so I added some simple stars with DMC Light Effects Thread in E135. And now I’m noticing that I left off a stitch on the lower right star. Oh, well. On that note, I also messed up a few stitches on the left side of Baby Yoda. I assumed that the stitches around the hand on that side were the same as on the other side, but there’s a slight shift. This was a good learning experience, though, and reminded me to never make assumptions about a pattern. For whatever reason I also thought I could finish this project in one night. Faster stitchers probably could, and you could definitely complete it in one day. But since I only have a few hours at night to cross stitch it ended up taking me a few days. Overall, this was a fun and easy pattern to complete! It would make a great gift for any Baby Yoda fan, and you can also customize it in a variety of ways. One stitcher in the Facebook group stitched it on dark blue aida in a larger hoop and added more detailed stars and a planet for a truly standout effect.

It’s not easy being green…

Finally, since I wanted to keep Baby Yoda in the green hoop for display, I decided to try adding a felt back. I followed a tutorial from Stitched Modern. As you can see, it’s far from perfect, but this was my first time trying this technique. The felt is a little puckered because I didn’t cut enough of the cloth away before gathering it, and I would also use more strands of floss for the blanket stitch next time. Still, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and look forward to trying it again on a future project.

Made By Caitlin’s Baby Yoda cross stitch is an adorable little pattern that’s very satisfying to complete. Give it a try while bingeing or watching the series again to get ready for the second season this fall!

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