“Please scream inside your heart” pattern

The other day I saw an article about how theme parks in Japan are asking people not to scream while riding the rides in an effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading as they re-open. A video to promote the practice shows two park executives wearing masks and silently riding roller coasters. Watch if you dare; it’s like if A Quiet Place took place in a theme park. But the best part of the whole thing is the park’s tag line of “Please scream inside your heart.” If ever there was a slogan for 2020 this is it! We’ve already been doing that for months now, right??

The saying instantly resonated with me and so many others, and it’s already made its way onto t-shirts and other stuff. There are also some patterns on etsy now because we cross stitchers are nothing if not efficient! I wanted to make my own, though. I love heart patterns and things with hearts on them so I wanted my design to include that. I also wanted something simple and easy to do. The Cross Stitch.com Caption Maker was just the thing. Yes, the site looks like it’s straight out of the Internet of the 1990’s, but it’s fun and easy to use.

Luckily, this heart border and font is one of the free options on the site. If you pay there are lots more fonts to choose from, and I just might because it’s so easy to use to quickly create quotes and sayings. You just plug in your fabric count, measurements, text, and a few other options to generate the pattern in your browser that you can download as a PDF. The design above is pretty much what I was envisioning in my head! Finished, it will measure just over 5×7 inches on 14 count aida. The red and black colors were the default but can be changed to whatever resonates with you.

After I made the pattern I decided to post it in one of the Facebook cross stitch groups that I’m in. I wasn’t sure if people would like it, but they were totally into it! It’s had over 300 likes so far with several people already stitching it. I’m currently working on it, too, and I’ll post an update when I’ve finished it.

You can click below to download the pattern as a PDF. Have fun (inside your heart, of course)!


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